Kazakhstan Potash Corporation Limited (“KPC”) is adopting new strategy on the company’s development.
New executives and professionals have been joining KPC in recent months to strengthen the management and financing capability of the company. The new management shall strive to protect the interest of shareholders and brings continuing growth to Company’s value.

Recent new members of KPC’s Board of Directors:

LIU SENLIN (Chairperson, Managing Director)

Mr. Liu Senlin has a strong successful business background dating back to the 1980’s when he founded the Applied Chemistry Group in China. Through his strong corporate management capability, he has developed his company over the last 30 years into a successful comprehensive enterprise involved in such areas as chemical raw materials manufacturing, mineral product development and market development and operation.

Mr. Liu holds a Master degree in Business Administration.

Mr. Liu has been appointed as Executive Director of KPC on 3rd December 2018; he is further appointed as Managing Director of KPC on 14th January 2019; and he is further appoint as Chairperson of KPC on 15th March 2019.

Mr. Liu commented on his appointment as Chairperson, “I am excited with the opportunity to lead the Company forward in the development and growth of out three potash projects in Kazakhstan.”

JUNHENG LI (Executive Director)

Mr. Li has built a strong career in logistics over the past 30 years in China. He is currently the Chairperson of Heilongjiang Zhongxin Warehousing and Transportation Logistics Co., Ltd and Managing Director of both the China Association of Port-of-Entry and Logistics Association of China. Prior to these roles, Mr. Li held the position of General Manager of Guangdong Xinxing Company.

JAYLIN XIAORONG MAO (non-Executive Director)

Ms. Mao is acting as the Managing Director of AJM Group Holdings Pty Ltd and Non-executive Director of Bojun Agriculture Holdings Ltd (ASX code BAH). Previously, Ms Mao was the Director of Asian Business of Westpac Premium Banking. She has led the Westpac Premium Asian strategy to help the Asian migrants to start a new life in Australia. She has received numerous awards from Westpac including Alfred Davidson Awards (the highest award in Westpac) and New to Bank Championship for her efforts and passion working on Asian Strategy. She has created ongoing client advocacy by delivering an outstanding customer experience.

Over the past 12 years Ms Mao has built extensive banking & finance experience in Australia across retail, private, corporate & investment banking. Prior joining Westpac, she was the Business Development Manager in AIMS Financial Group, Senior Relationship Manager of Corporate Banking in Commonwealth Bank & Vice President of Credit Suisse Australia. She has helped Asian ultra-high net worth & high net worth clients with banking & financial needs. She has also facilitated multi million dollars transaction within corporate & investment banking.

Ms Mao holds a Bachelor of Arts from the Sichuan Normal University in China, Master of Commerce from the University of Sydney and Diploma of Applied Finance from Deakins University. She is an active member within the Asian community, actively involved in charity organizations and community groups.

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刘森林 (主席、董事总经理)








毛女士现正担任AJM Group Holdings Pty Ltd的董事总经理及博君农业控股有限公司(澳交所编号 BAH)的非执行董事。此前毛女士曾担任Westpac Premium Banking的亚洲业务总裁。她曾带领Westpac Premium Asian Strategy协助亚洲移民在澳大利亚开展新生活。在Westpac工作期间,她曾获得不同奖项,包括Alfred Davidson Awards (Westpac的最高奖项)及 New to Bank Championship奖。她通过提供出色的客户体验,获得了持续的客户支持。

在过去的12年,毛女士在澳大利亚获得丰富的银行及财务经验,包括零售、私人、企业及投资银行。在加入Westpac前,她担任过AIMS Financial Group的商业发展经理、在Commonwealth Bank担任企业银行高级客户经理及在澳大利亚瑞银担任副总裁。