Diversity Policy





  1. This Policy sets out the Company’s beliefs with respect to diversity within the Company and outlines the processes through which the Company will actively promote diversity across its operations.
  2. The Company believes that the promotion of diversity within the organisation generally:
    1. enlarges the pool for recruitment of high quality employees;
    2. is likely to encourage employee retention; and
    3. is likely to encourage greater innovation through the inclusion of different perspectives.
  3. In the compilation of this Policy, the Company has where possible followed the recommendations of the ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations with 2010 Amendments, 2nd edition. If the Company has not followed a particular recommendation it has sought to explain why it has not.
  4. The Company intends to adopt the relevant recommendations, however, given the size of the Company and its current operations as at the date of adoption of this Policy, the Company is not currently in a position to fully implement the recommendations and statements as set out in this Policy. As the Company grows, it will implement the recommendations and statements as set out in this Policy.


  1. In this Charter:Board means the Board of the Company;Diversity is recognising and valuing the unique contribution people can make because of their individual background and different skills, experiences and perspectives. This includes gender, ethnicity, age and culture and involves a commitment to equality and to the treating of one another with respect;

    Senior Management means employees of the Company who manage the Company pursuant to the directions and delegations of the Board.


  1. The Company is committed to providing a diversity inclusive workplace in which all employees regardless of gender, age, ethnicity or cultural background have the opportunity to fully participate and are valued for their individual skills, experience and perspectives.
  2. Diversity will be promoted by creating a culture of empowering people to act in accordance with this Policy, through appropriate recruitment practices, appropriate training of employees and the implementation of internal mentoring and leadership programs.
  3. It is noted that in terms of appointments, the Company’s policy will be to appoint the best available candidate for any role or position in the Company or on its Board as this is in the best interests of the Company and its shareholders.


  1. To assist with improving diversity within the organisation, the Company will develop and introduce programs and initiatives which include:
    1. mentoring programs;
    2. networking opportunities;
    3. supporting promotion of talented women into management positions; and
    4. provide opportunities for male and female employees to balance their work, life and family responsibilities including flexible work options and return to work programs.


  1. The Board will establish measurable objectives for achieving diversity in the Company.
  2. Senior Management will be responsible for assessing and reporting to the Board in relation to the Company’s progress towards achieving the measurable objectives on an annual basis.


  1. In its annual report, the Company will disclose:
    1. the measurable objectives for achieving gender diversity set by the Board in accordance with the diversity policy; and
    2. the progress towards achieving them.
  2. As part of this disclosure the Company will disclose in its annual report, the proportion of:
    1. women employees in the whole organisation;
    2. women in senior executive positions; and
    3. women on the Board.
  3. This Policy will be reviewed on an annual basis.